WHAT WE LOVE: A NYC plant and lifestyle shop established in 2013 with a second location in Milan opening in 2019. Always a joy to visit, GREEN FINGERS MARKET mixes a creative collection of unique plants with vintage furniture, objects and clothing.

WHO: Master plant artist, author, stylist and creative director, Satoshi Kawamoto.

WHERE: On Rivington Street in New York’s LES and Via Savona, Milan.

What makes GREEN FINGERS MARKET such a unique shop? GREEN FINGERS MARKET is more than just a plant shop. In fact the word “Market” was intentionally added to the title since we carry more than just plants. 

Today, anyone who walks in to any GREEN FINGERS MARKET location, be it in New York or Milano, will find themselves surrounded with lush greenery, decorative objects collected throughout my travels, beautiful accessories, interior furnishings, lighting as well as a special selection of vintage clothes I hold dear to my heart. 

GREEN FINGERS MARKET is also an open space for the communities across Milano and New York where everyone is welcomed in and is encouraged to be inspired by alternative interior styles. A more joyful style of living that incorporates greenery in everyday living with style! 

All the plants we carry are hand selected and tend to be more unique than what you would usually find at other plant stores.

Green Fingers market plants

What inspired you or why did you open Green Fingers Market? Even though I grew up in the urban metropolis of Tokyo, I was constantly surrounded by greenery. Since the building I grew up in was next to a big park. 

As for what got me interested in plants, it was my grandmother’s love of plants that first caught my attention. As a kid, I recall seeing her care for plants in such a loving and respectful manner. Even though all she had was a tiny balcony, there was just enough space for her to do her gardening in. And that taught me many important lessons, most of all that beauty can be achieved no matter how big or small spaces are.

Satoshi Kawamoto shopkeeper and founder green fingers market

Satoshi Kawamoto @satie_san Shopkeeper at GREEN FINGERS MARKET

Before I was a shopkeeper, I.. My career path, was not a direct journey. In fact, for my first job I was a fitness trainer at a Tokyo gym. It was only a few years later that I was able to break into a more creative profession. I had to chase down a job at a local interior store. And even then, I needed to be persistent to get a call back, since I had no experience in that field. 

Eventually, after gaining some invaluable insight working with interior furnishings. I started blending plants with antiques. Slowly, I started to develop my own typography in the world of interior spaces. One that defied convention, and eventually became my signature style.

Your favorite thing about owning an independent shop? I love that people can literally step into my green world. And experiences spaces designed with careful intent. 

My primary goal is to always create beauty. And my biggest hope to give people a sense of joy and amazement, even if for a fleeting moment. 

Has the pandemic changed your POV on retail? Absolutely, along with tourism and the events industry, retail has been one of the most heavily affected sectors due to the pandemic. COVID or not, the shift to online shopping was already well underway in the retail sector. With global stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, this reality only served to expedite the transition. 

What are your favorite local independent businesses? Jack’s wife Freda, 224 Lafayette St, New York; LùBar, Via Palestro 16, Milan; Pavé, Via Felice Casati 27, Milan.

Green Fingers Market

What are your favorite shops? November 19, 37 Orchard St, New York and Raw&Co, Corso Magenta 10, Milano.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? thismintymoment , the.pinklemonade , mignonettetakespictures , garconjon , dudewithsign , the_shopkeepers

Do you have plans to grow your business? I’ve always loved fashion and styling. With more people staying at home these days. I’ve been inspired to launch my very own leisurewear line. “TOM OWAAK” is a unisex brand that is perfect for sportswear, workwear and everything in between. Made with 100% Japanese cotton and hand stitched in Italy “TOM OWAAK” can be worn as is or dressed up for most day to day occasions. 


“The future of retail will feature a high level of online presence across all platforms. The best retailers will establish strong direct-to-consumer relationships. Those who are able to differentiate themselves will continue to survive and thrive.”


Via Savona 21, Milan & 5 Rivington Street, New York

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