Grace & Favor



There is magic in the shop, says Andrea Brooke of Grace & Favor. British eccentric with a touch of Harry Potter is how she describes her interiors and home shop, which never fails to make her clients smile. The shop is at the same time charming and disarming, not unlike Andrea, a British expat, who lends authenticity to Grace & Favor. From the first time she wielded a paddle at Christie’s and Sotheby’s for a well known antique dealer on London’s Pimlico Road she knew she wanted her own shop. It took her 24 years to realize her dream but she credits all her diverse experiences and opportunities in those intervening years to enabling her to accomplish her ambition. Andrea’s career includes a History of Art BA, Interior Design Diploma, an apprenticeship with an antique dealer, and working with celebrated decorators and design companies in both the UK and US. After three years of Transatlantic commuting, as GM of Marston and Langinger in London and NY, Andrea settled in America and spent the next five years as Manager of Brunschwig & Fils, in NY’s famed D & D building. Grace & Favor opened in 2013. A showcase for British home design; vintage furniture, wallpaper and textiles as well as smaller gift items that range from cards to candles, which are sourced from small British brands, and are exclusive to Grace & Favor. There is a riot of color and pattern in the shop living together harmoniously and comfortably. As everything in the shop is for sale, and inventory moves quickly, displays are constantly evolving tableaux. The vintage furniture is good quality and well sourced, in the US, which keeps the prices competitive. Grace & Favor’s wallpaper assortment is in huge demand, growing from four wallpaper books in 2013 to a dedicated area housing forty books, of which three lines are exclusive to Grace & Favor. It is Andrea’s wonderful insight and depth of knowledge in her field that is most invaluable. She gives ‘gentle’ advice, recommending trades people, and imparting color and paint direction. The people Andrea meets are her favorite aspect of being a shopkeeper. She loves making new connections and chats enthusiastically about everything for sale in the shop. Anyone shopping at Grace & Favor will agree there is magic in the shop, it’s Andrea.

168 North 1st Street, Brooklyn NY


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