Freckled Hen Farmhouse

Freckled hen Farmhouse

Freckled Hen Farmhouse is an online general store brimming with quality home and farm supplies. Named for Freckled Hen Farm, the Arkansas farm that Natalie and Luke Freeman purchased three years ago. The Freemans shared their cozy home, summer garden bounty, home improvements, and farm additions online resulting in a loyal following. Followers who appreciated their personal aesthetic and knack for design. Natalie and Luke created Freckled Hen Farmhouse to share their personal story and lifestyle, and to offer their favorite products and supplies they use daily on the farm and within their home. They have a wide range of goods that include farmer’s market baskets from artisans in Morocco, wooden cleaning tools made by Swedish artisans who are visually impaired, linens from Japan, and farming tools from Holland. Utility scissors and a variety of scoops for all-round household needs, are amongst the best sellers. Natalie, a collector of vintage Jadeite, has sourced a great assortment of American made Jadeite, which is also very popular. All the products are used daily by the Freemans, which makes shopping with Freckled Hen Farmhouse truly authentic experience.

The Shopkeepers

Natalie and Luke Freeman were inspired to open an online shop as a tangible way to share their passion for living simply with other people around the world. They visited Europe last summer, and loved discovering intimate, well-curated shops on their travels. Returning home, they set about recreating their encounters into a cozy internet shopping experience. Natalie, a full-time blogger at Natalie Creates, and Luke, a horticulturist, are grateful for all the help they got from their local community to launch their business. In particular, they are thankful for the mentoring and encouragement from friends Trisha of Shindig Paperie and Beth of 1canoe2. The busy couple love visiting the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Luke is an avid baker, and Natalie loves canning and hosting gatherings. Natalie shares lots of recipes, planting tips, and experiences from life on an Arkansas farm for all those who would like to learn more.

On the Future of Retail

“We’re excited for the future of retail. We believe consumers are moving more toward quality over quantity. We’ve found that consumers are purchasing less but better, and we admire their thoughtful choices.”

Freckled Hen Farmhouse

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