Flowerkraut, as it names suggests, sells the unexpected combination of flowers and sauerkraut. Mairead and Seth Travins are the creative husband and wife team who combined two of their passions to create Flowerkraut. They also share a love of music, meeting five years ago at the Shetland Folk Festival, where Seth was playing with his band, The Wiyos. Mairead left her native Scotland for upstate New York, bringing her love of natural, wild flowers to a region abundant with local growers. After training as a traditional florist in Bath, UK and apprenticing with Saipua, Brooklyn, she knew she wanted her own floral design shop, and so seven months ago after finding the perfect space Flowerkraut became a reality. She buys in season flowers as much as possible, favouring their odd shapes and tendrils to create her naturalistic, wild arrangements. As well as her regular shop customers, Mairead’s floral design skills are in demand for weddings, gallery openings and photo shoots. Flowerkraut also stocks an assortment of artisanal candles, ceramics, and paper goods, which are locally sourced by Mairead. Seth’s sauerkraut stands in an orderly line in the cold case above Mairead’s flowers. Known locally as Sauerkraut Seth, he has being making sauerkraut for twelve years, and has established a loyal following for his brand that includes flavours like kim chee, red apple and caraway juniper. They enjoy being part of the Hudson community, shopping at other specialty shops, as well as frequenting Helsinki, where Seth often performs with The Wiyos, and enjoying good pints and books at The Spotted Dog.

722 Warren Street, Hudson NY



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