Fine Little Day


Fine Little Day is a lifestyle shop in Gothenburg, founded by Elisabeth Dunker in 2007. The shop is located in an old industrial spinning mill, Spinneriet, which hosts a happy group of local crafters, artists, photographers, designers and a café. Fine Little Day has an assortment of products designed in-house by Elisabeth Dunker and her studio, a range of textiles and prints including best sellers “Gran” and “Barr”. There is also a curated mix of unique home décor and gifts. Ulrika E. Engberg, an interior designer, joined Fine Little Day to manage the shop and design studio with Elisabeth. Ulrika is obsessive about remerchandising, so the shop never looks quite the same. Fine Little day recently collaborated with artist Karin Cyren on an exhibition. Elisabeth and Ulrika are passionate about collaborations with both established and upcoming artists committed to playful creativity, and hope they will have more in the future. Fine Little day, and Spinneriet,  are one of a kind destinations for unique home goods.

The Shopkeeper

Elisabeth Dunker studied art and design before starting her blog Fine Little Day. She quickly garnered a loyal following around the world, and has been featured in many major publications and blogs. Elisabeth’s aesthetic is very Scandinavian in its simplicity and cheerfulness.  She is inspired by Swedish landscape and nature, and uses sustainable and organic materials whenever possible. Quality in all aspects of production is important, and respect for people and the environment. Other shops that Elisabeth admires are General Store in LA, which she visited a few years ago, and Mr Kitly in Australia, for their ceramics, textiles, and plants.

Fine Little Day Philosophy 

“We enjoy simple luxuries, passionate craftsmanship and effortless aesthetics. We cherish wobbly lines, tangled hair, and think imperfect is perfect. We do not believe in popularity contests, but in ideals based on life nourished by quirky, cheerful content and curious messages. We deal with every bit of our nonsense and stay stubbornly true to unfettered creativity. We are focused on finding playful moments, and do not have to travel far to find the magic in everyday life.”

Spinneriet, Spinnmästarevägen 2, 437 34 Lindome

Fine Little day


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