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Farmhouse Pottery is an old world pottery and workshop in Woodstock, Vermont. The shop and workshop are an expression of Zoe and James Zilian’s farm to table lifestyle. Farmhouse Pottery specializes in stoneware pottery, and also designs and manufactures a range of furniture, pantry goods, linens and candles. The durable American stoneware is “the heart” of the brand, and pieces are designed for everyday use; items that can be passed down through generations. The shop, workshop, design studio, and office are located in a 30,000 square foot farmhouse, a mile and a half west of the iconic New England village of Woodstock. Chickens wander outside, and the Zilian’s two young daughters love to help in the shop. Visitors and customers can witness the pottery being thrown and glazed, and have an opportunity to have a turn behind the wheel in one of the popular wheel workshops.

The Shopkeepers

Zoe and James Zilian moved to Vermont from Boston. A quality of life decision inspired by a rural lifestyle and agrarian landscape. James was recruited by a large glass company as director of design. Zoe raised their daughters, and when the youngest turned three years old, Zoe started, a small online business out of the basement of their home. James threw the pots whilst Zoe helped glaze, load kilns and managed sales. A unique husband/wife partnership that blossomed quickly from selling at local farmer’s markets to selling to large national retailers. Farmhouse Pottery quickly became a full time venture for both Zoe and James. The slower, simpler rural life that they have adopted lends an authenticity to the pottery they produce. Everything they sell they use themselves in daily life. The relaxed and happy atmosphere of the shop, workshop and home are a testament to the Zilian’s, who are living their American dream.

James Zilian on Authenticity

“Authenticity is a decision you have to make everyday…It’s the harder one to make but it’s the right one”.

1837 West Woodstock Rd, Woodstock, VT

Farmhouse Pottery

Photography by Melissa Hope


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