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Martina’s joy is infectious. It’s obvious she loves what she does. Face Stockholm NY launched nearly 25 years ago, and became what Martina describes as a life journey, developing her as a woman and business leader, helping her define and identify what is important for the brand, company and her life. The first shop, initially named Face Factory, opened for business on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in 1990. Martina Arfwidson, together with her mother, Gun Nowak, a seasoned retailer who had already transitioned her successful denim boutique in Stockholm to a Face make up shop, decided to open the shop in NY. The shop was a day job for Martina who was pursuing a singing career at night. Face Stockholm was an immediate success. Barney’s launched the brand at 17th Street and Madison Avenue, and Martina was stunned as requests poured in from around the globe to stock Face Stockholm products. Martina’s ‘day job’ quickly replaced her musical aspirations, and for a business that had no plan when it started, the brand grew exponentially, and Martina started working nonstop. Eventually she needed to make some life changes, and is grateful every day with the decision she made to move the business operations and her home to upstate New York from NYC. Based in Hudson, NY, Face Stockholm currently has four shops in the US, and is available in over 200 shops around the world. Martina has worked on collaborations with J Crew and Skeppshult bicycles, been in a Volvo commercial, and was awarded Swedish American of the year 2013. She has resisted all offers to buy the company knowing that she is completely happy, living the lifestyle she loves, working with an amazing team, and having the freedom to make the choices she wants for the business.

401 Warren Street, Hudson NY


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