Favorite Shops for Baskets

Since we featured our favorite shops for baskets this has become one of our most popular posts. So we have updated with some new basket shops we have discovered. Happy Basket Shopping.

Last year we shared an Instagram story about baskets that got such an amazing response we decided to create a feature of our favorite shops for baskets. Our Instagram story started with the top image – a beautiful shopfront in Catania, on the Italian island of Sicily. Gorgeous handmade baskets frame the doorway and inside one can see the maker busy at his craft. Basket-making is a craft that has been handed down through generations and endures today. When traveling we love to wander and discover markets that represent a slower and more mindful way of living. There are so many different styles of baskets that vary with their country of origin and style. From natural to colorful and patterned, fine and pliable or rustic. We love them all. We love adding to our favorite shops for baskets so please share yours with us!

Basket shop, Catania.

Basket Making, Catania

Photo: @beavdoppia


photo @vivietmargot

woven basket bag hecho and co


photo @hecho.and.co


photo @finelittlegoods


photo @rufus_airlines

Elk & Wolf, Edinburgh

Elk & Wolf, Edinburgh

Photo: @elkandwolf

Mikanu baskets


Photo: @mikanueverydaybag

Casa Gonzalez & Gonzalez, Madrid

Casa Gonzalez & Gonzalez, Madrid

Photo: @gonzalezygonzalezstore

Wife & Husband, Kyoto

Wife & Husband, Kyoto

Photo: @_13nn

Midgley Green, Clevedon

Midgley Green, Clevedon

Photo: @midgleygreen

Annemarie O'Sullivan Baskets

Annemarie O’Sullivan, East Sussex

Photo: @annemarieosullivanbaskets

No.56, Penzance

No. 56, Penzance

Photo: @millykr

Baskets at the Market in Bari, Italy

Baskets, Bari

Photo: @______theo

The Basket Room

The Basket Room, Oxfordshire

Photo: @thebasketroom

Pompon Bazar, Paris

Pompon Bazar, Paris

Photo: @valinparisvip

The Baba Tree Basket Company, Ghana

The Baba Tree Basket Company, Ghana

Photo: @babatreebaskets

Absmaland, Malmo

AbSmaland, Malmo

Photo: @absmaland

La Maison Pernoise, France

La Maison Pernoise, Peine le Fontaines

Photo: @lesbonsplansdavignon

Cocol, Madrid

Photo: @cocolmadrid

Mimbreria Vidal, Mallorca

Mimbreria Vidal, Mallorca

Photo: @theseptemberchronicles

Sraw, London

Straw, London

Photo: @weekendjournals