Deck The Halls

christmas decorating

Decorating for the holidays is a joyful experience. And we all need more joy in our life this year. So we’ve gathered together a roundup of some of our favorite holiday decorations from independent shops. Charming Christmas ornaments for yourself or to gift to others. Also read how these Shopkeepers Decorate their Shops & Homes for Holidays with lots of Christmas decorating tips and ideas you can use at home. So put on some Holiday tunes, pour yourself some egg nog and Deck the Halls..

From top to bottom, left to right: 1. White Santa from the Christmas wonderland at abc home, NYC: 2. The North Fork’s White Flower Farmhouse has an amazing collection of vintage ornaments to shop on their Instagram account: 3. French artist Nathalie Lete’s colorful Animal Characters at Patch NYC in Boston: 4. Sweet Reindeer from Germantown emporium Alder & Co: 5. French Patisserie Ornament for the tree from Upstate NY’s Clove & Creek: 6. The cutest little white Mouse with Wreath at Leif in Brooklyn: 7. Champagne colored Glitter Tree at John Derian Company in New York’s East Village: 8. Acorn Ornaments that give back – all profits are donated to Food Bank NYC. Email us for more details. 9. White and silver vintage Christmas decorations at White Flower Farmhouse: 10. Handmade Vintage Inspired Figures and Ornaments for holidays at Loop in London: 11. A waddle of Penguins by artist Collin Garrity: 12. Dried Tallow Berries from Bloomist.

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