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  • Marin Montagut

    WHAT WE LOVE: Welcome to the charming and unique world of Marin Montagut, Paris that celebrates Parisian and world travel. Handmade and painted curiosities, antiques and chic souvenirs beautifully displayed in…

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  • Best Virginia Shops

    From the pretty coastal beach towns to historic Richmond and the maple-producing Highland County, Virginia has many unique and vibrant independent shops. Coffee shops, bookshops, vintage shops and home goods shops.…

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  • Shops That Take us Back in Time

    Original signage, storefronts and interiors are three things that I love about shops that bring us back in time. These 10 shops around the world have retained historic features and characters…

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  • Paris’s Charming Covered Passages

    The historic covered shopping arcades are wonderful to explore. Built at the end of the 18th century Paris’s charming covered passages have an interesting mix of cafes, bookshops, antique shops and…

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  • An afternoon in Richmond, VA

    Last month I had the opportunity to make a brief visit to Richmond, VA. The night before I did some quick research and happily discovered the Quirk Hotel, a perfectly pink-accented…

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  • Going Places guide to Marylebone


    It’s been a while since I visited London, but spending a few days there last month in Marylebone reminded me of how much I love this city. London is where I…

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