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  • Best Georgia Shops

    From Atlanta to Savannah, and all the charming towns in-between, Georgia has a unique and vibrant independent shops scene. Coffee shops, bookshops, vintage shops and some stunning women’s wear shops. These…

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  • Best Washington Shops

    From Seattle to Tacoma, the Pacific Northwest’s State of Washington has a unique and vibrant independent shops scene. Coffee shops, bookshops, vintage shops and some stunning women’s wear shops. These Best…

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  • best bakeries

    A Baker’s Dozen

    There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee in the morning. We love delicious, well-baked bread so are sharing A Baker’s Dozen – 13 of our…

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  • best coffee shops dublin

    Favorite Coffee Shops

    Sharing a World of Coffee Shops. A roundup of our favorite coffee shops, including our Best Coffee Shops 2019 & 2018. Whether you staying local or visiting new places coffee shops…

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  • Favorite Vintage & Antique Shops

    A roundup of some of our favorite vintage & antique shops, including our 2019 best vintage and antique shops list, best New York men’s vintage shops, and best Northfork vintage shops.…

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  • best shops for back to school

    Back To School

    Every year as August draws to an end it signals back to school and to the office. The promise of a new academic year, new goals and challenges. Beloved back to…

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  • 8 Unique Barber Shops

    We love unique barber shops. For some time we have been admiring these stylish men’s grooming stores. Great graphics, products and off-the-charts cool factor. Many unique barber shops partner with coffee…

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  • Best Washington D.C. Shops

    Our Best Washington D.C. shops feature home stores, garden shops and wonderful book shops. One of the most visited cities in the U.S., Washington D.C. is home to iconic buildings, museums…

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  • Best Bordeaux Shops

    Bordeaux with all its wonderful independent shops is one of our favorite destinations. An historic city with cobbled, winding streets and gorgeous facades. Streets that are easy to navigate due to…

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  • Favorite Ice Cream Shops

    A roundup of our favorite ice cream shops, parlors and carts. This delicious frozen treat is ubiquitous around the world. Loved by all and for kids and adults alike the best…

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  • Best Virginia Shops

    From the pretty coastal beach towns to historic Richmond and the maple-producing Highland County, Virginia has many unique and vibrant independent shops. Coffee shops, bookshops, vintage shops and home goods shops.…

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