Burro & Burro Kids



The hardworking burro pioneering across the desert carrying goods from all over is what inspired Erinn Berkson to rebrand her shops last year. That image captures the essence of Burro and Burro kids, where clothes, toys, books, and home goods nestle together on shelves and tables, “everything one needs to live a well-styled California life”. Burro is a collection of everything Erinn loves, she mixes product together creating a treasure hunt like experience for customers, books and cutting boards on a table beside another that displays sandals and shorts, each table creating a life style vignette. With no prior retail experience, Erinn took over a shop that was going out of business fifteen years ago. The original shop on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice has become two, with the second shop specializing in children’s goods, and she has also opened Burro shops in Malibu and Westlake. She loves the creative aspects of merchandizing the shops with product she sources globally. She is passionate about screen prints and obsessed with stationery and greeting cards, which she has being collecting for years.

Venice, Malibu & Westlake CA


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