Borough Market

Located in Southwark near London Bridge, Borough Market is one of the oldest and largest food markets in London dating back to the 12th century. Originally a wholesale market, today Borough Market is an artisan food market open to the public.

The present buildings date to 1851 with additions in the 1860s and an Art Deco style entrance added on Southwark Street in 1932. This bustling market is packed with a variety of food vendors. Cheesemongers to fishmongers, spice traders to wine merchants. There is a wide array of take out restaurants offering everything from coffee to oysters.

On the streets leading to the market historic facades are home to coffee shops, charming public houses, fashion retailers and bakery and butchery schools.

We visited early on a Sunday morning and witnessed Borough Market coming to life. Early enough to see shops and restaurants being opened, wares unpacked and crowds beginning to gather. These are just some of the wonderful shops and food vendors that captured our attention.

Borough Market Southwark, London

An entrance to Borough Market with the Shard in the background.

Vintage signs are a testament to businesses from a bygone era.

The Ginger Pig and Bread Ahead, for butchery and bakery classes.

Inside the market there are bakeries, grocers, cheesemongers, fishmongers, wine shops, spice traders, flower shops and more.

There is a wonderful collection of pretty facades from the charming pubs lining the streets that lead to the market to the stunning historic architecture that are home to shops within the market.

The renowned Neal’s Yard Dairy, specializing in cheese form the British Isle’s and Ireland, occupies pride of place on Park Place. A pretty blue shopfront with canopies and stable doors.

The Gentlemen Baristas have two lovely coffee houses in the area. One on Park Place and the other on Union Street, both definitely worth a visit.

Paul Smith and Cubitts, two independent brands with beautiful local shopfronts

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