Alex Mill


Alex Mill, a menswear shop, was named to evoke the quality and craftsmanship representative of a fabric mill. Opened in Nolita, New York, in 2013, Alex Mill is the ultimate destination for a men’s uniform. All the elements of the uniform are here; from the key item button down shirt and knit t-shirt, to the jeans, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets. The fit, fabrics and details of the shirts have been perfected, and are available in a wide array of colors and patterns each season. To complete the look there is a carefully curated assortment of accessories. Alex Mill clothes are stocked in 75 outlets globally, but it is the shop that has the full expression of the brand. Customers range form 20 to 60 years old, and love Alex Mill because it is so easy to shop; everything is designed to work together.

The Shopkeeper

Alex Drexler always wanted his own business. A brief period at law school was followed by a career in garment production at Steven Alan and Gryphon. Inspired by the landscape of New York City; the rough and tumble of the streets, traffic and subway, Alex decided to launch his menswear brand, and open a shop. Learning from industry greats, he credits his father, Mickey Drexler and Andrew Rosen as mentors. Alex is passionate about the details of each garment, and wants to create a unique experience for his customers by offering them a focused and edited assortment of great styles in the best fit and fabric. His favorite shops are 45rpm and Commes des Garcon, and shopping in Japan is always an incredible experience. Alex is continually evolving his business, growing and getting to know his customer base better, and continually improving on every aspect of Alex Mill.

On The Future of Retail

 “Retail is going in a great direction, there is a definite demand for retail stores as people like to visit and try things on, make connections. Ecommerce is important too, people like a mix of them both”

268 Elizabeth Street, New York NY

Alex Mill



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