Adage, a premium fragrance shop in Hudson, was established in 2015 by Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay. The dark neutral tones and furnishings of the space evoke a distinct masculine luxury, creating the perfect ambience for this unique brand. There are six ambient fragrances, each inspired by an American landscape, such as Southwest and Pacific Coast, which are given context and narrative through perfectly composed vignettes throughout the shop. Christopher and Robert have created the brand from concept, developing the product, packaging, and branding, as well as designing the shop. The initial fragrance concept and formulations were created by the partners who consulted with a team of experts to finalize the fragrances, all of which are made in America.

The Shopkeepers


Who inspires you Cliché,  but…Tom Ford for his genius marketing and branding that leaves no detail untouched. The brand vision is cohesive and consistent with uncompromising products.

What inspires you Travel, landscapes, nature, art and architecture.

Before you were shopkeepers We were, and still are branding designers/Creative Directors.

The hardest lesson learned starting a business Careful choosing dark floors for a retail space!

What task do you like to delegate We are fortunate to be able to divide tasks between us to draw on our likes and dislikes and strengths.

The best lesson you have learned opening a shop That people respond positively to an honest story and authenticity. Make it personal.

Your advice for anyone wanting to open a shop Have a clear vision, communicate it and be kind. Treat anyone who walks in as a potential client. Again, make it personal.

Which famous person would you like to visit your shop For local celebrities, Julianna Margulies. We hear she’s in town often but haven’t met her yet. Alicia Florrick for president. Same goes for Vera Farmiga.

If you were not shopkeepers, you would be On a beach.

What is your perfect day off Local travel get away in nature, a good local lunch and movie and dinner out.

Five favorite shops We are extremely impressed and humbled to be part of an amazing group of retail stores in Hudson. Finch, Hudson Home, Hawkins, Valley Variety, 2 Note, the list goes on. Hudson is truly unique in the level of retail.

Favorite neighborhood coffee shop/restaurant So many choices in Hudson. I always say that there is a disproportionate amount of great food for such a small town but…Morning coffee at Cascades. They win on personality, Talbott & Arding for lunch sandwiches (and those chocolate chip cookies!), W.M Farmer & Sons restaurant for great cocktails and the best burger.

We wish we could Travel more and have more relax time.

On the Future of Retail

“We are hopeful that personality and authenticity will gain more traction. In Hudson, we are VERY fortunate to have an almost exclusively owner-run collection of retail stores and activities. It is wonderfully curated retail that is very personal and at a high level. We’d like to see more of that when visiting other small towns or neighborhoods in large cities and less corporate facades that lack the same level of authenticity.”


314 Warren Street, Hudson, New York

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