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  • London Shopfronts

    London shopfronts are stunning. Historic facades that have often been home to businesses for generations. From bookshops to cheesemongers, toy shops to tea shops these are six of our favorite classic…

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  • Favorite London Vintage Shops

    Use our handy TSK Maps London to find The Shopkeepers favorite London vintage shops. Simply use the filter function on TSK Maps to search by store type, such as “vintage” and…

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  • Best London Shops

    A roundup of some of our favorite London shops. We are excited that U.K. shops are opening again after a long lockdown. We’re looking forward to seeing busy streets and shops…

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  • Favorite London Bookshops

    As London shops reopen this month use our handy TSK Maps London to find The Shopkeepers favorite London bookshops. Use the filter function on TSK Maps to search by store type,…

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  • London Christmas shopfronts

    London Christmas Shopfronts

    London Christmas shopfronts are a delight to behold. Year-round London shopfronts are wonderful to admire but at Christmas they are even more delightful. Christmas is a perfect time of year to…

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  • best london shops 2019

    Best London Shops 2019

    People frequently ask us for lists of best shops in any given city or destination. So by popular demand, and with the help of our community, we have created our Best…

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  • Going Places Bloomsbury, London

    [envira-gallery id=”14479″] An afternoon in Bloomsbury by Pentreath & Hall Bloomsbury, for many, is a place discovered unexpectedly, tucked away with its quiet streets of beautiful early Georgian houses and gated parks…

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  • Earl of East London

    Earl of East London started as a joint creative outlet in 2014, by Paul Firmin and Niko Dafkos who began trading at their local artisan market in Hackney. They curated a…

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  • 2021 Best Flower & Plant Shops

    2021 Best Flower & Plant Shop around the world features 10 wonderful shops. Stores filled with fragrant blooms and verdant greenery. It’s always such a pleasure to visit flower and plant…

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  • 2021 Best Bookshops

    2021 Best Bookshops around the world features 10 of our favorite bookstores. We love bookshops – and so do you, as bookshops is one of our most popular categories. So we’re…

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