422 Main Street, Franklin

422 Main Street located in historic Franklin in Upstate New York. Three hours north of New York city, 422 Main Street is a shop worth traveling for. Home to three complementary concepts – women’s designer, Gary Graham; artist Sean Scherer’s, antique shop Kabinett & Kammer and Bea’s convenience store.


Poetic womenswear collection designed, made and sold in the designer’s, Gary Graham, studio and shop in Upstate NY. Each garment weaves a story, informed by the history of the location of place and through unique textiles, intricate stitching and details.

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kabinett & kammer, an antique shop at 422 Main Street Franklin


An art and antique shop that is set up with a gallery of vignettes, each telling a story. Kabinett & Kammer is a contemporary curiosity shop of antiques, natural wonders and art. A medical, botanical and zoological design resource, with everything from vintage school charts and taxidermy to 19th century primitive utilitarian furniture.

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Bea Sohni’s café and grocery shop, famed for their egg & cheese sandwich. Bea’s provides locally sourced and homemade goods including milk, butter, syrup, and honey.

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