2021 Best Home & Interior Shops

2021 Best Home & Interior Shops around the world features 10 of our favorite stores. Shops in Madrid; London, Lewes and Herefordshire; Kingston, Hudson and NYC, New York; Portland; Los Angeles and Summerland, California; and Dallas, Texas.

2021 Best Home and interior shops offer a range of goods from ceramics and kitchen wares to paint and antique furniture. The goods we use to decorate our homes and personalize our spaces. These creative shops and shopkeepers inspire us.

There are so many amazing home & interior shops around the world. We’d love to know your favorites! Share via below link. And stay tuned – after four years of “Best Shops” campaigns we are going to be sharing roundups from all four years!

CASA GONZÁLEZ & Gonzalez 2021 best home and interior shops


Pelayo 68, Madrid

This beautifully formed petite homewares shop is filled with all manner of well-crafted, handmade, functional and timeless goods that we use in our daily lives.

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Freight, Lewes 2021 best home and interior shops


196 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex

A pretty listed building and former pharmacy is home to fine household goods and apparel shop, Freight. With an emphasis on timeless, classic design and well-crafted goods, most products are made in the U.K. The simplicity and focus of a beautifully curated vision is clearly on display.

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Universal Providers 2021 best home and interior shops


86 Golborne Road, Notting Hill

A listed former grocery store now filled with unique objets d’art and homewares.

Listed in our guide to “Best Notting Hill Shops

Clove & Creek, 2021 best home and interior shops


73 Broadway, Kingston & 613 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

Inspired by Upstate New York artists, artisans and makers, Clove & Creek showcases the beauty and heritage of the Hudson Valley and Catskills region.

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Rose Uniacke 2021 best home and interior shops


76-84 Pimlico Road, London

A stunning edit of antique and contemporary furniture and home decor by designer and furniture restorer, Rose Uniacke, whose design ethos is mixing the old with the new.

Notary Ceramics, Portland 2021 best home and interior shops


8035 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR

A beautiful mix of handmade ceramics by Sarah Van Raden, alongside a mix of thoughtfully curated housewares.

Garde, 2021 best home and interior shops


7410 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, 2280 Lillie Ave, Summerland, CA and 1305 Wycliff Avenue, Dallas, TX

 From the simple to the precious, and the serious to the whimsical, Garde offers a unique selection of goods by renowned and emerging designers.

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Colour makes people happy, Lewes shopfront


30-31 Station Street, Lewes, East Sussex

The shopfront as a canvas. Owner Simon March believes ‘neutral’ is only a color scheme in the mind of an estate agent, and proves his point by gloriously featuring Colour Makes People Happy paint on his shopfront. Paint colors that are inspired by modern culture and named with an irreverent nomenclature.

2021 best home and interior shops Baileys home, UK


Whitecross Farm, Bridstow, Herefordshire

An ever-changing collection of homewares, household hardware, stationery, cookware, food, clothing, lighting, antiques and textiles, housed in various listed farm buildings and barns.

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JOHN DERIAN company 2021 best home shops


6 – 10 East 2nd Street, 18 Christopher Street, New York & 396 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA

Unique home goods shops featuring the designer’s decoupage plates, platters, paperweights and coasters which are all handmade in his New York studio. Alongside Derian’s designs there is a veritable treasure trove of decorative home objects, textiles and furniture.

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