2019 Best Shops

best shops

It is wonderful to know that in this age of online retail that so many people are still so passionate about shopping in real life. Whether it’s a local coffee shop that is visited daily or an enchanting emporium happened upon on our travels, all of these stores inspire community and exploration. These shops keep our villages, towns and cities vibrant and unique. Clink on images below for list of stores by category.

We received thousands of nominations and votes from around the world. We asked our contributors and team, our community of shopkeepers and social media influencers and after much debate chose this final list of 10 Best Shops in each of the thirteen categories. Some featured on our 2018 Best list, but most are new to this year’s list. Over the next few months we will be visiting these emporiums and giving you a peek inside and behind the scenes, as we continue on our mission of sharing a world of shops.

2019 best shops
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