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December 2016

  • Happy Home

    Happy Home is a French Home Goods shop in Nancy, founded by Audrey and Alexis Oudin. In 2009 Audrey fell in love with a masking tape brand she discovered on a…

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  • Wild Sussex

    Paul Copsey, and his partner Sam Claydon, wear many hats when it comes to carving out their busy careers. As well as working in their various jobs involving forestry and woodland…

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  • Andrea Miranda Salas

    Andrea Miranda Salas is a designer and maker of objects based in Brooklyn,New York. Her current collection explores the intersection between design and the act of making. When did you launch…

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  • Esselle

    Esselle, an online shop, founded in 2013 by Sherry Lee and Sandy Lu. A shared passion for entertaining and beautiful designs that elevate everyday living led them to see a void in well…

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