2 Note Botanical Perfumery



A wonderful scent greets us as we enter 2 Note Botanical Perfumery. My daughter likens the fragrance to an Icelandic glacier, though as she has never been to Iceland I imagine she is responding to the clean, fresh yet complex smell. The owners’, Carolyn and Darcy, passion for music is evident throughout the shop. Music references the scent’s names and visual display. They love to describe 2 Note Perfumery as music to the senses and as they discuss their brand it is obvious that they are completely harmonious. Carolyn, a botany major, was raised on a 50 acre NY farm and compares the creation of a scent to an orchestral movement, notes stacked on top of each other unfolding at different times and lengths. She was a music teacher, and self taught perfumer who made custom scents for friends, when Darcy persuaded her to turn her hobby into a business. Darcy, a film major, loves public performance and to create interesting spaces for people. Her enthusiasm is almost tangible. She believes everyday is full of possibilities, and how the customer feels when they walk through the door is of utmost importance to her. This summer after three locations in Portland, Maine they relocated to Hudson, NY, to accommodate their expanding business. They love their new home that they share with two rescue dogs, and appreciate living in a town where there are so many marvelous shops that are operated by like-minded shopkeepers.

255 Warren Street,  Hudson NY

2 Note

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