The Magnificent Hound


The Magnificent Hound is an online shop for discerning dog lovers with an interest in good looking products. Inspired by their five dogs, and named for their long haired lurcher, Charlie and Caroline Gladstone launched the shop in 2014. All the products, but one, are made in Britain, from the English bridle leather collars to the hand twisted rope leads, and the handmade dog bowls. The one item not made in Britain is the beaded collar, which is made in Kenya by the Masai in small workshops. Jack Gladstone, Charlie and Caroline’s son, designed and developed the site. The Gladstone’s five dogs feature prominently, and include a cocker spaniel, a whippet x beddington terrier, two labradors and a lurcher. All the products are tested, and loved, before being added to The Magnificent Hound. Included on the site is an adventure and advice section with plenty of tips from dog-friendly festivals to favourite dog facts. The Gladstone’s other brands, Pedlars and The Good Life Experience festival, have helped build a following of loyal dog lovers around the world.

The Shopkeepers

Charlie and Caroline Gladstone have an office in Notting Hill, which usually has a pile of sleeping dogs in the corner. The avid dog lovers believe in supporting British makers, and have spent a long time researching great craftspeople to develop their brand. They are inspired by other dog lovers, like British author, Jilly Cooper, and her charity work for Greyhounds, and all their canine customers around the world that often share their new kit via Instagram. Charlie and Caroline are both fans of all things outdoors, Garbstore in Notting Hill, being a favourite shop, and Caught by the River is a go to online resource for everything nature and environment related in Britain. The Magnificent Hound has a presence at the dog friendly Good Life Experience festival, an annual outdoor event in Wales.


On the Future of Retail

  1. That the number of big clothing brands will decrease.
  2. That Governments will eventually realise the importance of independent retailers and help them financially.
  3. That shops will employ older, wiser, more reliable staff.
  4. That the number of bookshops, record shops and 35mm camera shops will grow.
  5. That video will drive online sales.
  6. That ‘luxury’ brands will consume every city and then disappear. Or maybe the latter bit is just wishful thinking
  7. That food prices will rise to reflect the true value of food as shortages don’t match demand.


The Magnificent Hound

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