The Hill-Side


The Hill-Side recently opened its first flagship store in Brooklyn. The combination of an indigo resist-dyed noren and a New York subway-style mosaic tile floor in the entryway give a flavor of what’s inside. The Hill-side represents a blending of American and Japanese aesthetics, influences, fabrics, and manufacturing techniques. The result is a collection of elevated American sportswear. The brand launched alongside Hickoree’s, a multi brand site, as a proprietary line of accessories. Over the past few years, The Hill-Side evolved into a full range of clothing, and outgrew Hickoree’s. The dedicated shop, designed by Brooklyn based Studio Tack, is an opportunity to share the brand in its entirety with customers. There are shirts, jackets, pants and sneakers, as well as the accessories that are the corner stone of the brand. Punctuating displays throughout the shop is a range of Japanese pottery, made in Mashiko especially for The Hill-Side. Even the incense burning in the shop is from a temple in Kyoto, the only place it is sold.

The Shopkeepers

Brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo created The Hill-Side in 2009, Emil in the role of creative director and Sandy director of operations. Inspired by a college friendship with Hisashi Oguchi, Emil became fascinated with the Japanese reinterpretation of American classic clothing. By visiting Japan and reading Japanese fashion magazines, Emil developed an appreciation of American heritage brands. Nearly two decades later the two remain good friends and colleagues. Hisashi manages Japanese operations for The Hill-Side, sourcing fabrics and managing manufacturing of certain products that are made in Japan. Cathal McAteer, founder of Folk clothing is another source of inspiration, and has served as a mentor and advisor for Emil. They met when they worked together several years ago on the relaunch of the Tretorn brand. The food, culture and style of Japan will always be a source of inspiration for The Hill-Side. Closer to home Emil enjoys shopping at C’H’C’M’, The Quality Mending Co., and Wooden Sleepers.

On the experience of shopping

‘’ People’s mindsets are shifting regarding online shopping, and coming full circle. Online isn’t everything, customers like a physical place to experience the brand.”

263 South 1st St., Brooklyn

The Hill-Side


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