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S E T & C O is a shop in Dallas, Texas selling goods for the home, kitchen, table and pantry. Established in 2015 by Jennifer and Adam Littke, the shop is in a charming 1922 building in the historic neighborhood of Oak Cliff. Jennifer designed the interior space, including all the shop fixtures from the Shaker inspired kitchen to the Texas Pecan bookcases. The owners were drawn to the name    S E T & C O. as the word ‘set’ has multiple references and meanings, and it represents many collections in the culinary world. The curated selection of artisanal kitchen wares is handpicked by Jennifer and Adam, sourced on their travels throughout the US and Europe. Jennifer and Adam focus on thoughtfully produced and well made products. Their handmade dishes, finished in matte pastels and faded hues, are very popular with their clients, who range from college students to established Dallas families.


The Shopkeepers

Jennifer and Adam Littke have always loved great retail spaces and the sense of community they offer. After living in London and Los Angeles for ten years they moved to Dallas to start a new chapter in their lives. Drawn to Dallas because of it’s modern day wild west mentality, they realized there was plenty of opportunity in the retail sector and decided to open S E T & C O. Jennifer, an interior architect, is a creative director for a development company that builds and designs luxury boutique hotels. Adam is a commercial director who has directed spots for American Airlines, Samsung and Frito Lay. They both maintain their careers as well as being shopkeepers. Living down the street from S E T & C O. makes it possible for Jennifer and Adam to be there on a daily basis, and they feel very much like they are a local shop. When time allows they love to travel, and hope to visit japan and Mexico City in the near future. Favourite shops are Labour and Wait in London, OK in Los Angeles, Grandpa in Stockholm, BDDW and Goods For The Study, both in New York, and online shop Midgley Green.


On The Future of Retail 

“We believe clients have increasingly become more interested and concerned of how products are made and who makes them. As this idea grows, the experience within the shops, shopkeepers, communities, artists and objects will as well.”

841 W. Davis Street, Dallas, Texas

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