General Supply


General Supply is a newly opened lifestyle shop and cafe in Nagoya, Japan. Owners, Shelly Hayashi and Hiroyuki Tange, have carefully curated a selection of industrial and mid-century furnishings, unique vintage and contemporary home goods, books, art, photography and greenery. Products are sourced from around the world, and include brands Serax, Falcon, Wild and Wolf, House Doctor and Broste. There is an assortment that represents the best of Japanese design, Good Design Award winning products that carry the G-Mark for design excellence. The café serves coffee, smoothies, and artisanal baked goods, and customers are welcome to relax, read and linger. Shelly and her husband, Hiro Hayashi, designed the building, complete with a personal hidden residence above. General Supply is building a creative community, offering monthly design workshops, teaching varied skills from flower arranging to crafts and raw food preparation.

The Shopkeepers

Shelly Hayashi opened her first shop, General Store, in 2011 in Hong Kong. She started her career in the fashion industry in NYC, followed by projects in fashion, art, and music events with the company con-fu-sion in London and Tokyo. When she moved to Hong Kong six years ago she transitioned into the interiors field opening General Store. Hiroyuki studied accessories design in New York, has worked for many notable brands in Japan, and has his own accessories brand within General Supply. With the recent opening of General Supply in Nagoya, Shelly closed the Hong Kong Central location, moving the design firm component of her business to Studio HA, a vintage furniture and art gallery in Chai Wan. Shelly loves vintage shopping at markets in Paris, Copenhagen, and rural America. Favourite shops are Paula Rubenstein in New York City, and Kapital shops in Japan.

Their Retail Philosophy

“We are inspired by design of all varieties – vintage, new, greenery and home crafts. This is why you will find a bit of everything under our roof including creative craft classes and a varied assortment of goods.  We understand the changing tides of retail and see our strategy as reflective of our own tastes but also malleable in the way that retail currently is – always changing according to our interests and the interests of our customers.”

〒480-1146 Aichi Prefecture, Nagakute, Katahira, 2 Chome 1812 番 の 1, Japan

General Supply


Photographs of General Supply, Studio HA, and General Store

Photography Yasu Matsumoto


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