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Field Apothecary & Herb Farm is an online herbal remedy shop. Herbs used in the remedies are grown on a three-acre botanical herb farm located in the charming village of Germantown in the Hudson Valley. Dana and Michael Eudy started the farm in 2011 and created their first remedies the following year. Field Apothecary & Herb Farm is “seed to bottle”; the herbs are ecologically grown, harvested, and processed by hand on the farm. Dana and Michael hope to help people transform their medicine chests as they believe that medicine, like food, should be local sourced. Customers include those who use the remedies as part of their preventative health routine, foodies who enjoy the bitters in their cocktails, and collaborations with local chefs. Popular products are Deep Sleep, Flaming Cider, and Digestive Bitters. These and other top selling remedies are offered every season in ‘the field seasons wellness box’, accompanied by some seasonally appropriate remedies. Field Apothecary & Herb Farm offers farm visits around the summer solstice every year, when the gardens are at their peak. Dana is available to teach classes on request, and there is a work trade program, for which a set of remedies and herbs are offered after a day spent working and learning on the farm alongside Dana.

The Shopkeeper

Dana Eudy, a former commercial photographer’s agent, was inspired to start her own herb farm after attending a course on herb farming called “Farm to Pharmacy”. The course was taught by William Siff, acupuncturist and fellow herb farmer of Goldthread Apothecary & Herb Farm, and David Crow, author and founder of essential oil company Floracopeia. Michael Eudy is an artist, set builder and fabricator. Together Dana and Michael created the Field Apothecary & Herb Farm brand and website, and friend Alice McVey designed the logo. Dana is inspired by nature and the plants, and is guided by the natural rhythms of each season. She believes it comes down to common sense, when the summer days are longer she sleeps less, and favors cool products such as cucumber, coconut, and aloe. When it is cold she adds spices such as ginger and chilies to her diet and skin routine. Dana loves to travel to lands where herbs still rule – Turkey, India, and Italy – where her first stop is invariably the outdoor markets.

On the Future of Retail

“I shop at our local fair and markets such as the Phoenicia Flea, the Hudson Valley Hullabaloo and the Hudson River Exchange – I’m a huge fan of all the local makers in my community. We support one another and it is very rewarding and supportive environment.”

Field Apothecary & Herb Farm

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